Invite Callie to Share Jesus

…and all of her facial expressions.

Demystifying an everyday walk with Jesus

Before becoming a Christian herself, Callie struggled with the nuts and bolts of what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus.
How does prayer really work?
How do I enjoy reading the Bible?
What if I go outside God’s will?
Is there one person for me to marry?
Are all of my feelings bad? Good?

Through incredible mentorship, and over a decade of walking with Jesus and telling people about Him, Callie is only more and more passionate about sharing the clear, Biblical, practical answers to all of these questions and those like them.

Want to hear more from Callie?

Keep scrolling to listen to and watch some of Callie’s most signature topics. Reach out to see if she would be a good fit for your event. If your ask involves practical Christianity and young people, she’ll likely love to be there.


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